The Public Spirited Scholars in Residence is comprised of students interested in real world issues. Scholars are:

  • Considering a major in the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
  • Striving to improve the human condition
  • Academically strong
  • Community minded

 Please complete the application below. Applications for the 2018-2019 scholars will be accepted until space fills.  

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this application is regarded as the first signing of a Commitment Agreement with the Residential College that you have read and agreed to meet the standards and requirements of the PSSR. 

The PSSR strives to create an environment that supports academic excellence and a focus on scholarly activity. The use of alcohol and other substances in the residence hall is not permitted by yourself or your guests. In addition, we seek to maintain a community where there is limited exposure to intoxicated persons. 

The PSSR program is comprised of requirements you must fulfill to remain in the residential college and a member in good standing. Timely documentation must be submitted for activities related to the requirements.

First Year Requirements:

  • Enroll in cohort courses
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Membership in at least one campus organization
  • Achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Establish a 4 year plan
  • Attend at least 2 scholarly events
  • Engage in 10 hours of service

I have read and understand the requirements for participation in the Residential College. By completing this form I have agreed to these conditions and understand that failure to comply with these requirements could result in my removal from the Residential College and Cobb Hall.