Image of CMU students participating in team building activity. As a member of the PSSR, you will:
  Belong to a community of scholars
  Enroll in cohort classes
  Gain early leadership opportunities
  Interact with faculty experts in your field
  Navigate college with ease

The Public-Spirited Scholars in Residence, sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, prepares students to embrace their role as public-spirited scholars dedicated to understanding and improving the human condition. Such understanding is essential, because concern for individual well-being lies at the heart of a free society.

This unique living and learning community will support students as they learn how to improve the human condition and sustain a free society through the tenets of public-spiritedness, citizenship, public service and global awareness.


Tenet 1: Public-Spiritedness

The learning community prepares students to embrace their role as public-spirited scholars dedicated to rigorous understanding and improvement of the human condition.

Tenet 2: Citizenship

Our public-spirited scholars will learn how to promote civic life, cultural trends, public policies and political reforms that will sustain healthy citizenship for their own and future generations.

Tenet 3: Public Service

Since experience in civic and political life provides the best training for leadership in service to the public good, we encourage our public-spirited scholars to seek out and learn from co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Tenet 4: Global Awareness

Issues that affect individual well-being and our ability to sustain free societies increasingly emerge not only in our local, state, and national communities – but also in our global communities. Public-spirited scholars should not only be aware of these challenging issues, but should gain knowledge and skills essential for resolving them.

Contact Information

For more information about the Public-Spirited Scholars in Residence, contact Kathy Rise at

Kathy Rise
Residential College Director
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences