Cherie Strachan speaking at the APSA Teaching & Learning Conference


J. Cherie Strachan is Professor of Political Science at Central Michigan University and the author of High-Tech Grassroots: The Professionalization of Local Elections, as well as over 30 reviewed and invited articles and book chapters. Strachan's most recent publications address her concern over low levels of political engagement among specific demographic groups – particularly women and young people. These include the co-authored CQ-Sage textbook, Why Don't Women Rule the World, and a forthcoming youth-focused political behavior textbook.

Strachan's research addresses partisan polarization, political civility, and civic engagement pedagogy – especially opportunities for political learning in deliberative forums and in campus student organizations. She currently serves as the review editor for the Journal of Political Science Education and is the co-founder and co-director of the Consortium for Inter-Campus SoTL Research (CISR).  With over 200-member campuses and an advisory board composed of prominent teacher-scholars in political science, CISR facilitates multi-campus data collection to assess campus-wide civic engagement initiatives and political science pedagogy. She can be reached at

Honors Courses

  • Civil Society & Politics
  • Interest Groups
  • Women & Politics
  • Strategic Campaign Communication

Undergraduate Courses

  • Civil Society & Politics
  • Freshmen Year Experience
  • Deliberative Extracurricular Sessions 
  • Political Behavior
  • Communication in Political Decision Making
  • Persuasion in Public Relations
  • Political Parties
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Lobbying/Interest Groups
  • Mass Media and American Politics 
  • Women in American Politics
  • Introduction to American Government, Writing Intensive
  • Communication and Political Science Internships, Writing Intensive

Graduate Courses

  • Scholarly Traditions in Political Science
  • Introduction to Research Methods
  • Communication in Political Decision-Making
  • Communication and Citizen Participation
  • Theories and Research in Political Communication
  • Lobbying/Interest Groups
  • Political Science Internships