• Image of Jeremy CastlePosition: Fixed-term Faculty, Mock Trial Co-Advisor
  • Department: Political Science & Public Administration 
  • Campus Address: Anspach Hall 234
  • Email: castl2j@cmich.edu​
  • Vitae:  Curriculum Vitae

Jeremy joined the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in fall 2016. Jeremy teaches a number of courses for the department, including Intro to American Government & Politics, Political Behavior, Intro to Empirical Methods of Political Research, American Legislative Process, Campaigns & Elections, and Techniques of Political Research.   

Jeremy's research is centered around public opinion and political behavior. His book, Rock of Ages: Subcultural Religious Identity and Public Opinion Among Young Evangelicals, uses both survey data and a series of original interviews to profile the political attitudes of young evangelicals. An extended summary of the book can be found at Religion in Public. 

His upcoming work is centered around political polarization and the "culture wars."  An early preview of this research can be found in his article "New Fronts in the Culture War: Religion, Partisanship, and Polarization on Religious Liberty and Transgender Rights," published in American Politics Research 

Jeremy is also interested in media and politics. His research on whether or not popular movies might impact public opinion was published in Social Science Quarterly and was featured on NPR's "On the Media."   

Jeremy is the co-advisor for the Mock Trial RSO at Central Michigan University. For more information contact cmumocktrialassociation@gmail.com.  

Jeremy's website is: http://jeremycastle15.wix.com/home.


  • Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, 2015
  • M.A. University of Notre Dame, 2012 
  • B.A. Hanover College, 2010

Fields of Specialization

  • Public Opinion
  • Political Behavior
  • Religion and politics
  • Media and politics
  • Research Methodology 
  • Law and Politics