​Employers are a key ingredient in internship program success.  Without the willing participation of employers there would not be a political science internship program at CMU.

Employers serve a pivotal role, acting as a bridge between the academic and the practitioner's world.  Employers provide students with the chance to apply their academic studies in the work place, gaining valuable hands-on experience and career insights

While all employer inquiries are welcome, the CMU political science & public administration internship program seeks to partner with organizations in the following five categories:

  • Elected officials at the national, state & local level; such as office of the governor, U.S. congress, and state legislature.
  • A variety of federal, state, local government agencies.
  • Nonprofit private service agencies (e.g.: Red Cross, United Way)
  • Political parties, interest groups, trade associations and lobbying firms, consulting and policy think tanks
  • Law practices and trial court systems.

Employer Forms:

Employer Benefits

Obviously, the biggest beneficiary in any internship program is the student. A taste of the "real world" helps focus students thinking about career choices. The street, however, is not one way. Employers repeatedly express the satisfaction they receive from being able to give something back through participation in the internship program. An added benefit is the opportunity to network with tomorrow's workforce.
What If I've Never Had An Intern Before?
While many of our employer-partners are repeats, new organizations are always welcome.  The CMU Political Science and Public Administration internship program identifies a set of criteria that all interns are required to complete.  Employers receive an information packet which provides an overview of these criteria.  Also included in the packet is a set of tips outlining ways to make the experience more meaningful for the intern and employer.  Employer feedback is sought through an end-of-internship Evaluation Survey.  Likewise regular contact is maintained between the internship director and intern; with additional mechanisms provided for employer input.​