‚ÄčThe Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers a wide variety of internship opportunities. Students have worked in law offices, campaign organizations, nonprofit organizations, state legislative and congressional offices, and the governor's office, as well as for equivalent offices at the county and municipal level. 

The most important thing that you can do is to tailor your internship experience to your personal interests. Ideally, you will gain insight into whether you want to pursue a particular career and will gain connections to professionals working in that field.  

CMU Internship Opportunities

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Internship Coordinator

Dr. Sharon Kukla-Acevedo
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Anspach Hall 235

Students majoring in political science can qualify for management and consulting careers in private for-profit and non-profit organizations; federal, state, and local government; law; journalism; public and international affairs; and teaching.  Completion of academic studies at CMU, coupled with an internship, should help guide you through the career selection process

Both public and private sector job recruiters agree that students who have served an internship are at a distinct advantage over the competition.

  • An internship demonstrates commitment and personal initiative.
  • Interns bring valuable basic hands-on experience to their chosen profession.
  • Interns are viewed as people who have tested a career path and enjoyed the experience. Accordingly, they are less likely to quit or be fired after a few months on the job.
  • Many organizations recruit for permanent positions from their intern pool. Or they recommend promising interns for career positions with other organizations.