The College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences offers a Public and Nonprofit Administration major to prepare undergraduate students for leadership in the nonprofit sector.   The required coursework is based on a set of CNP competencies designed to support student learning.  

The below coursework guarantees that students receive education and training in the core competencies that nonprofit managers want when they hire new employees. Students completing the program must have a minimum of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution to earn their CNP.

Public and Nonprofit Administration Major:

Required Courses (18 hours)

  • PAD 210 (3) Introduction to Public Administration
  • PAD 211 (3) Introduction to Nonprofit Administration
  • PAD 313 (3) Budgetary Processes in the United States
  • PAD 380QR/PSC 280QR (3) Public Sector Research Methods
  • PAD 411 (3) Public Sector Human Resources and Organization Theory
  • PSC 395 (1-12) Internship (Must be a nonprofit organization and complete 300 hours)

    Required Electives (15 hours)
  • PAD 398 Special Topics - Nonprofits and Advocacy in our Capitol City (Instructor Approval Required)
  • PAD 412 (3) Nonprofit Administration
  • PAD 413 (3) Organizational Leadership and Behavior
  • PAD 521 (3) Board Governance and Executive Leadership
  • PAD 523WI (3) Grant Writing and Management

    Total: 33 semester hours