‚ÄčImage of NLSA students at a display table.Internships are an integral part of the Public and Nonprofit Administration major. They offer unique opportunities to work closely with public and nonprofit organizations to gain the experience necessary to become effective leaders in the public sector. 

After a conversation with the internship site supervisor, the student drafts the educational contract, site supervisor suggests changes/additions/deletions and student finalizes the report. There are certain educational goals and learning objectives that must be achieved through the internship.

Educational Goals:

  1. Test theories, concepts and philosophies
  2. Test skills in management, supervision and leadership
  3. Engage in self-evaluation and assessment of the internship agency
  4. Establish positive interpersonal and professional relationships
  5. Observe and develop the values and ethics of nonprofit professionals
  6. Develop, plan and carry through with projects

Learning Objectives:

To gain knowledge and skills in these areas relevant to nonprofit management:

  1. Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations
  2. Cultural Competency and Diversity
  3. Financial Resource Development and Management
  4. Foundations and Management of the Nonprofit Sector
  5. Governance, Leadership, and Advocacy
  6. Legal and Ethical Decision Making
  7. Personal and Professional Development
  8. Program Development
  9. Volunteer and Human Resource Management
  10. Future of the Nonprofit Sector

Please contact Dr. Emma Powell at emma.powell@cmich.edu with your questions regarding the Public and Nonprofit internship program.