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An International Relations major consists of 33 hours. A minimum of 15 hours of course work must be at the 300 level or above. No more than 15 credits may be double counted with the Political Science Minor.

Courses taken on a Credit/No Credit basis may not be counted toward majors or minors in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, with the following exceptions: internship (PSC 395), practicums (PSC 393 & PSC 394) and lab course (PSC 355). In the case of these exceptions, no more than three credits total may be applied to the major or minor. Majors and minors in International Relations should enroll in PSC 150 as freshmen (see course description). Transfer students majoring in International Relations will be expected to take at least 15 hours of coursework in the department; transfer minors, 12 hours.

It is recommended that all International Relations majors enroll in PSC 280QR during their sophomore year.

Any regular faculty member in the department can serve as the student’s advisor on a major or minor.

Internships: The department has established an internship program where students are provided relevant firsthand work experience. The duration of an internship can vary depending on the number of credit hours (1-12) taken. Students majoring in International Relations are allowed to count three internship credit hours toward their major.

Required Courses (15 hours)

  • PSC 150 (3) Introduction to International Relations
  • PSC 242 (3) Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PSC 280QR (3) Introduction to Empirical Methods of Political Research
  • PSC 375 (3) Modern Ideologies
  • PSC 551 (3) Seminar in International Relations
Other Requirement (3 hours)
  • PSC 340 (3) African Political Systems and Processes
  • PSC 341 (3) Comparative Politics: Eastern Europe
  • PSC 343 (3) Southeast Asian Political Systems and Processes
  • PSC 344 (3) East Asian Political Systems and Processes
  • PSC 345 (3) Middle Eastern Political Systems
  • PSC 347 (3) Comparative Politics: Western Europe
  • PSC 348 (3) Latin American Political Systems
  • PSC 370 (3) Gurus, Avatars, and Nukes: South Asian Politics
  • PSC 515 (3) Comparative Public Policy
  • PSC 540 (3) Cultural Heritage and Politics of Eastern Europe

Electives (15 hours)

Select 15 hours of PSC and/or PAD courses.


Select one of the following certificates:

Undergraduate Certificate - Global Governance and Advocacy

Undergraduate Certificate - Governance of Nations

Undergraduate Certificate - International Security Studies

A student earning a certificate must choose courses different than those chosen to fulfill the major required courses. Up to 6 hours of course work from one certificate may be used to fulfill requirements in another certificate in the department. Although the major may be combined with any of the certificates, students pursuing the major in international relations are advised to consider choosing one from among the list above.

Total: 33 semester hours 

  • A minimum of 15 hours of PSC and/or PAD course work must be at the 300 level or above.

Please see the CMU Undergraduate Bulletin