B.A. degree or B.S. degree

Major Map

The Social Science Major is an interdisciplinary program useful for students with a general interest in the social sciences. The major complements a wide variety of minors in the social sciences as well as minors in communications, entrepreneurship, sustainability and environmental policy, geographic information science, journalism, leadership, and military science. The major is also a flexible program useful for students who are changing their majors late in their undergraduate program. The Social Science major is similar to the social studies major, but does not lead to K-12 certification. Students will be assigned an advisor in their focus area or be advised by the Chair of the Social Science Council.

Admission Requirements, Retention & Termination Standards

  1. Count no grade lower than C- toward the major.
  2. Double count no more than nine hours from an accompanying minor.

Fields of Social Science:

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Political science
  • Sociology  

Total: 37-38 semester hours

Please see the CMU Undergraduate Bulletin