​Political science is a social science concerned with describing and analyzing political institutions and processes. Political scientists study the origins of and preconditions for government, the rise and fall of governments, and the relations among nations of the world. Political scientists are interested in how governments are structured, how they make decisions, and how they manage social conflicts. Political scientists also study the behavior of individuals within political systems, both as individuals and as part of groups and organizations.

Students who major in public and nonprofit administration or minor in public administration will enhance their understanding of governance and citizen engagement. This major focuses on government and nonprofit management skills, cultural competency values, accountability and transparency in an organization, and the process of public budgeting. There are many opportunities that start with a major in this discipline and can provide a plethora of career options, from working in government organizations, nonprofit organizations, or international organizations Students who major in public and nonprofit administration and express and primary interest in the nonprofit administration field have the opportunity to earn their Certified Nonprofit Professional credential. This credential signals to nonprofit professionals that these students have gone beyond the basic academic requirements to truly understand the best practices for the sector.

Our department also offers online undergraduate degrees through our global campus.

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Political Scientists study:

  • political parties and voting behavior
  • interest groups
  • bureaucratic organizations and administrative procedures
  • national security and international organizations
  • presidential and gubernatorial politics
  • legislative behavior
  • courts and the administration of justice
  • intergovernmental relations
  • political socialization
  • mass movements
  • revolution
  • ideologies
  • political philosophy
  • community organization and urban politics
  • public policies


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Political Science Major

International Relations Major

Public and Nonprofit Administration Major

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