Graduate Certificate in Professional Development In Public Administration

Minimum Total for Graduation: 15 hours
Degree: Graduate Certificate

The 15 credit hour certificate is designed for regularly admitted graduate students who desire advanced training in the field of public administration, but who are not seeking a master's degree at this time. Credits successfully earned with the certificate program can be transferred toward the MPA degree. 

​​Students may substitute courses only upon approval of the Public Administration Council. Admission is through the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. Students pursuing this certification program should have a background in political science, public administration, economics, social work, criminal justice or any other administration related field.

Program Requirements:

​Required Courses (15 hours)
PAD 585 - Public Sector Information Technology Management 3(3-0)
PAD 711 - Public Personnel Management 3(3-0)
PAD 713 - Public Budgeting and Finance 3(3-0)
PAD 714 - Program Analysis and Evaluation 3(3-0)
PAD 775 - Organization Theory and Behavior 3(3-0)​

Total: 15 Semester Hours​