When disasters happen, whether natural, man-made or technological, emergency managers are the coordinators, relief suppliers and responders. If you’re ready to lead in this critical field, the MSA in integrated homeland security will give you the tools you need. Homeland security leaders must be skilled not only in response and recovery but also in prevention and preparedness. This degree covers all aspects of crisis management with a solid foundation in administrative practices, strategic planning and human behavior, plus concentration courses dedicated to national and global homeland security in the public and private sectors. 18 credit hours. Courses available online only. Not open to International students on an F1 VISA.

Sample courses in this concentration:       
MSA 607 Program Management in Complex Organizations
MSA 623 Interagency Cooperation, Team Building and Leadership
MSA 627 Concepts in Homeland Security Crisis and Response
PSC 676 Emergency and Crisis Prevention, Preparedness and Response
PSC 677 The Public Sector Role in Post-Disaster Recovery
MSA 647 People and Project Administration

*For a specific academic plan, consult your academic advisor.