General Information

Established in 1978, the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Central Michigan University is a NASPAA accredited program that is currently offered in two modalities:  an on-campus modality (through hyflex classes) and an online modality.  The program can be completed in two years and requires 37 hours of course credit. Concentrations in General Administration, State & Local Government Administration, and Nonprofit Management are available.  Additionally, the program offers a certificate in Nonprofit Leadership. 

Applications to the MPA program are accepted throughout the academic year. To apply, go to:

Tuition and Fees

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Methods of Program Delivery

Mission Statement of the MPA Program 

Click here to view our Mission and Vision Statement/Public Service Values

NASPAA Annual Reports

2019-20 Annual Report

2018-19 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report

Admissions Data

Aggregate Admission Data for 2019-2020

Total Applicants to the Program                141

Total Admitted Students                             67

Total Enrolled Students                               45


Mount Pleasant Modality Admission Data for 2019-2020

Applicants                                                      73

Admitted Students                                       26

Enrolled Students                                         11


Online Modality Admission Data for 2019-2020

Applicants                                                       68

Admitted Students                                        41

Enrolled Students                                          34

Employment Data for 2018-2019 MPA Graduates

(Note:  the Traverse City, MI Modality does not currently accept students)

Total Across All ModalitiesMount Pleasant, MI ModalityOnline ModalityTraverse City, MI Modality
National or central government in the same country as the program​10​1​​0
State, provincial, or regional government in the same country as the program​4​1​3​0
City, county, or other local government in the same country as the program​10​0​3​7
Government not in the same country as the program or international quasi-governmental​3​3​0​0
Nonprofit domestic-oriented​13​8​4​1
Nonprofit/NGO internationally oriented​0​0​0​0
Private Sector – research/consulting​0​0​0​0
Private Sector but not research/consulting​1​0​1​0
Obtaining further education​0​0​0​0
Military service (full-time)​0​0​0​0
Unemployed (not seeking employment)​0​0​0​0
Status unknown​1​1​0​0

Historical Graduation Data (for the 2014-2015 Academic Year)

(Note:  The Dearborn, MI and Traverse City, MI Cohorts do not currently accept new students)

​Initially Enrolled
​Graduated within 2 years
​Graduated within 3 years
​Graduated within 4 years
​Total Students Graduated & Persisting to Graduation
​Total Number of Students in the 2014-2015 Cohort Across All Modalities
Total Number of Students in the 2014-2015 Cohort in the Mount Pleasant, MI Modality​15​13​13​13​13
Total Number of Students in the 2014-2015 Cohort in the Dearborn, MI Modality​7​6​6​6​6
Total Number of Students in the 2014-2015 Cohort in the Traverse City, MI Modality​13​7​7​8​8

Student Learning Outcomes

Each year, the MPA program evaluates student learning within the program.  The latest evaluation of student learning is included below. 

Student Learning Outcomes  


Internship Placements

Here are some of the internship placements site that our MPA students have completed: 

City of Mount Pleasant, Michigan

City of Vassar, Michigan

City of Clare, Michigan

City of Flint, Michigan

Isabella County Office of Emergency Management, Michigan

Middle Michigan Development, Michigan

Isabella County Parks Office, Michigan

CMU MPA Program, Michigan

Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan

CMU Academic Effectiveness (Claudia Douglas), Michigan

House Fiscal Agency (Michigan House of Representatives), Michigan

Office of State Representative Tom Leonard, District 93, Michigan

Sweet Serenity (SSI), Inc., McDonough, Georgia

29th Circuit Court Family Division, Ithaca, Michigan

Hudson Institute, Washington D.C.

Elk Rapids, Michigan

The Washington Center, Washington D.C.

Jimmy Carter Foundation, Atlanta, Georgia

Royal Oak, Michigan

City of Auburn, Michigan

Midland Area Community Foundation, Michigan


Past Scholarship Winners

Fulbright Scholars:

2009-2010 Muzafar Abdulla Babkr

2014-2016 Adel Al-Adlani


Barbara P. Greene Endowed Scholarship in State & Local Government

2012 - Jeffrey Stoutenburg

2013 - Heather Heitsch

2014 - No Award

2015 - Michael Fisher

2016 - Brian Lechel

2017 - Kathy Tahtinen

2018 - Winifred Walsh

2019 - Danielle McCann

2020 - Cassi Miller


Edward H. Potthoff Scholarship in Local Government Administration

2012 - Andrew Knapp

2013 - Anthony McCloud

2014 - No Award

2015 - Roy Atkinson

2016 - Brian Lechel

2017 - Taylor Hollis

2018 - No Award

2019 - Joe Frey

2020 - Samantha Bohm


Public Administration Advisory Board

Central Michigan University's Public Administration Advisory board is comprised of a diverse group of MPA alumni. Members serve for a minimum of 3 years on the council and help manage the future direction of the MPA program at Central Michigan University. 

Their mission and vision statements were drafted in 2009. Click here to view the PA Advisory Board.


For more information, please contact:

Dr. Thomas Greitens, Director

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Anspach Hall 246


Fax: 989-774-1136 or