Master of Public Administration: Nonprofit Management Concentration​

Required Courses I (24 hours)

PAD 610 - Foundations of Public Administration 3(3-0)

PAD 623 - Public Policy Processes and Evaluation 3(3-0)

PAD 711 - Public Personnel Management 3(3-0)

PAD 713 - Public Budgeting and Finance 3(3-0)

PAD 714 - Program Analysis and Evaluation 3(3-0)

PAD 773 - Administration and Ethics in Public Service 3(3-0)

PAD 775 - Organization Theory and Behavior 3(3-0)

PAD 780 - Public Sector Research Methods 3(3-0)

Required Courses II (0-3 hours)

PAD 795 - Internship in Public Administration 1-6(Spec)

Note: In-service students with experience are not required to take an internship (PAD 795). Students without experience will take 3 hours of internship, reducing their number of elective courses by 1 course, or 3 credit hours.

Required Courses III (1 hour)

PAD 730 - Public Service Competencies 1(Spec)

Note: After the successful completion of the core curriculum (excluding any internship requirement for pre-service students), students are required to register for PAD 730. Students must inform their advisor before the start of the semester of their intentions to take the Public Service Competencies Assessment.

Required Courses IV (9 hours)

PAD 620 - Nonprofit Management 3(3-0)

PAD 621 - Board Governance and Executive Leadership 3(3-0)

Note: In the Nonprofit Management Concentration, students are allowed to select three additional hours of electives. For pre-service students, the required internship substitutes for the elective course.

Total: 37 semester hours