​​Professor Sterling Johnson​​The Department of Political Science and Public Administration offers a Master of Public Administration degree, and courses contributing to several other graduate programs at the university, including a concentration in Public Administration in the Master of Science in Administration. The department also offers courses which fulfill the requirements for the Political Science Concentration in Option 1, Teaching in the Senior High School in the Master of Arts in Secondary Education.

The department's graduate level internship program provides working knowledge of and experience in public and nonprofit agen­cies.

Our department also offers online undergraduate and graduate degrees through our global campus. The MPA Program is available face-to-face and through Global Campus

The specific requirements for the Master of Public Administration are stated in separate sections. Applications are welcomed throughout the year on a space available basis. To apply: https://apply.cmich.edu/.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Thomas Greitens, Director
Department of Political Science and Public Administration
Anspach Hall 246
Fax: 989-774-1136
greit1t@cmich.edu or MPA@cmich.edu