The Psychology Department has a threefold mission: to advance and transmit knowledge related to the nature of psychological processes; to provide a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in psychology and related disciplines; and to provide the competence necessary for successful careers.
To fulfill its mission, the Psychology Department has ten goals:
1. To promote psychology as a science and the important role it plays in advancing human welfare.
2. To provide diversified course offerings designed to afford students the opportunity to gain awareness of the nature of the role of psychological processes operating within themselves and their environment.
3. To provide competence to students whose career goals require knowledge and skills in diverse psychological areas.
4. To provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced training programs in psychology.
5. To provide graduate programs in the basic and applied aspects of psychology.
6. To ensure that graduate programs are in compliance with professional standards.
7. To support the professional development of faculty.
8. To encourage and support research necessary for the advancement of knowledge.
9. To provide adequate facilities required for teaching, research, and other endeavors important in education and professional development.
10. To disseminate knowledge of psychology to the community at large.