PSY 385 Capstone Research Seminar - Virtual Poster Session- Spring 2021

April 30th - 12:00 PM - Event is active

Celebrate the research accomplishments of our PSY 385 students as they complete their Capstone course in psychology. Enjoy our virtual research poster presentation. Posters will remain viewable through fall 2021. 

Please watch the brief "Welcome & Introduction" link, then feel free to view the many research posters submitted by our undergraduate students (listed below).  Each poster has a voiceover explaining the research and outcomes.  You will be able to expand the poster to full screen by selecting the icon in the upper right portion of the poster.full screen.JPG

"Welcome & Information"

dent Posters - Spring 2021

Albro, Julia - The Effects of Various Interruptions on Reading Comprehension

Anderson, Skylar - The Six Facets of Openness to Experience and Political Conservatism

Aspenleiter, Hope - The Effect of Interference on Reading Comprehension

Barry, Caitlyn - Reading Comprehension

Beauvais, Cynthia - The Good, the Bad, and the Funny: Effects of Morality on Humor

Been, Abby - The Relationship Between Introversion/Extraversion Levels and Life Satisfaction in Terms of Leisure Activities

Bishop, Kiara - Examining Comprehension While Being Interrupted

Blake, Emily - Laughter is the Best Medicine

Brown, Gillian - Perceptions of Alcohol Consumed and Well-Being/Life Satisfaction

Bryant, Ashley - Effects of Sound Frequencies on Happiness

Bussell, Kyra - Effect of Moral Identity Activation on Humor Appreciation

Butler, Jenieve - Does Interruption Type Affect Reading Comprehension

Buza, Bianca - The Effects of Computer Sketching Software on Creativity

Clark, Mackenzie - Effects of Color on Cognitive Performance

Clark, Madalyn - Experiencing Parental Divorce

Cotton, Aiona - The Effects of Mental Health Stigmas on Life Satisfaction and Well Being

Cunningham, Jamila - The Impact Moral identity has on Humor Ratings

DeMoville, Matthew, DeYoung, Megan, & Wright, Tierra - Need for Approval as a Function of Anxiety and Achievement Striving

Dube, Sithembile - The Role that Native Culture Plays in the Psychological Welfare of Individuals with a Third Culture Identity

Ettinger, Maya - Effects of Interruption on Reading Comprehension

Finley, Emily - Effects of Time-of-Day on Creative Performance in Undergraduate College Students

Fleming, Lincoln - Election/Post Election Stress and Wellbeing of the 2020 Election

Gullett, Kaeyla - Prior Health Anxiety and Well-Being during COVID-19

Gullo, Lauren - The Impact of Interruptions on Reading Comprehension

Haste, Melanie - Substance Use Impact on an Individual's Happiness & Well-Being

Hatch, Brianna - The Relationship between Extraversion and Anxiety and Social Media Use

Higgins, Jana - Morality vs. Humor

Holstead, Alexis - The Effects of Interruption on Reading Comprehension

Hosek, Noah - Effect of Morality on Humor

Howell, Alexis - Impact of Interruptions

Huizenga, Margaret & Johnsen, Olivia - Personality and Participation in Intercollegiate Sports

Hyde, Michael - Facets of Personality and Philosophical Interests

Ilacqua, Chloe  - Birth Order, Agreeableness, and Openness

Josling, Maikayla - Morality and Humor: The Effect of Moral Activation on Humor Appreciation

LaPoint, Bridget - The Connection Between Identity and Humor

Lassitter, Elliot - Question Accuracy as Influenced by Interruptions

Linderman, Anna - The Effect of Interruptions on Reading Comprehension

Liogghio, Shay - Enhancing Creative Thinking Through Different Meditation Techniques

Mapes, Nona - The Effects of Popular Music on Anxiety and Wellbeing

Marzette, Jada - George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and their Effects on Happiness among College Students

Maslowsky, Cassidy - Comedic Relief: How Morals Influences Humor

Mclean, Katherine - Reading Comprehension and the Effects of Distraction

Metzger, Shannon - Effects of Feedback Ratios on Creativity

Meyer, Margaret - Mathematics as a Creativity Heuristic

Monske, Katie - Why so Serious? The Effect of Moral Identity on Humor

Mora, Madelin - Personality and Political Orientation

Moser, Shayna - Morality & Humor

Nabozny, Zoe - Reading Comprehension

Nichols, Penny - Emotion and Cognitive Performance

O'Neal, Christian - Age as a Moderator in the Correlation Between Religion and Happiness

Obenour, Morgan - Was it Funny? Evaluating the Connection Between Humor and Morality

Ornelas, Gabriela - A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted - Examining the Effect of Morality on Humor

Panning, Blake - Why So Serious?

Raitz, Rebekah - Autism and Gender

Ruthven, Sydney - Perceived Comparison of Professional and Self-Prescribed and Treatment Types for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Schuyler, Ayashay - Exercise, Personality and the Covid-19 Pandemic

Shereda, Emily - Predicting Self-Esteem Perceptions from Personal Self-Esteem and Empathy

Shipman, Lauren - The Effectiveness of Online Versus In-Person Instruction

Sims, Brennan - Moral Activation Effects on Humor

Shore, Hannah - The Impact of Interruption Type on Reading Comprehension

Somerville, Bridget - Perceptions of Treatment Efficacy and Wellbeing Among Fictitious Individuals with Substance Use Disorder and Mental Illness

Thomas, Bradford - Examining Disruptions to Reading Comprehension

Toth, Alexa - The Effects of Self-Affirmation on Creativity Test Performances

Townsend, Marnesha & Valentine, Kailynn - The Relationship Between Trust, Gender and Attitudes Toward Infidelity

Vaughen, Shannon - Examining the Effects of Moral Identity on Humor

Waye, Audrey - Reading Comprehension

Weinbrecht, Katherine - Moral Identity and Humor Appreciation

White, Dylan - The Relationship Between Personality and Leadership

PSY 385 Capstone Research Seminar - Virtual Poster Session - Fall 2020
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