​​​​The BACB has verified the following course sequence at Central Michigan University as meeting the requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA)​ examination. Applicants will have to meet additional requirements to qualify.

The BCaBA Verified Course Sequence at Central Michigan University includes 12 credit hours of coursework in addition to the requirements for a major or minor in Psychology. Additional requirements for BACB​ certification as a BCaBA are: Bachelor's degree, experiential hours, supervision hours, and  passing the B​ACB exam for BCaBAs.

A grade of 'B' or better is required for all courses in Central Michigan University's BCaBA Verified Course Sequence.

Required Coursework:

PSY 370 Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credit hours)
PSY 384 Behavior Analysis (3 credit hours)
PSY 570 Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Planning (3 credit hours)
PSY 586 Applied Behavior Analysis in Education (3 credit hours)

Recommended Courses:

​PSY 509 Behavioral Pharmacology (3 credit hours)
PSY 537 Organizational Behavior Management (3 credit hours)
PSY 571 Research Methods in Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
PSY 579 Behavioral Medicine (3 credit hours)

Required Practical Experience

To meet the experience requirements for BCaBA Certification from the BACB, experiential hours must be accrued. These experiential hours include supervised fieldwork and practicum hours. The following experiential hours may be accrued separately or in a combination of 2 or 3 of the following categories: Supervised Independent Fieldwork, Practicum, and Intensive Practicum.
Supervised Independent Fieldwork (1000 hours)
Practicum (670 hours)
Intensive Practicum (500 hours)​