Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

​PCIT is an evidence-based behavioral family therapy program designed to treat the conduct problems of children 2 to 7 years of age. PCIT has been used effectively with a variety of populations including low-income and culturally diverse populations. Taken together, the research on PCIT has shown the intervention to improve the discipline strategies of parents and the behavior probl​ems of children at home and at school. Parents report less stress related to interacting with their children and more confidence in their ability to manage their children's behavior using non-abusive techniques. PCIT has demonstrated long-term maintenance of treatment gains. It is considered a best-practice intervention for families in which physical abuse has occurred. Currently, PCIT is being disseminated internationally and has demonstrated efficacy with families across Asia and Europe.

CCFC director Dr. Larissa Niec demonstrates Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


​Evidence-based Mental Health Services

In addition to these areas of expertise, the CCFC offers a comprehensive array of psychological services for children, adolescents, couples and families, including:

  • ​Psychological Assessments;
  • Cognitive-behavioral or behavioral therapy for common childhood problems such as depression, anxiety, issues related to divorce, and elimination disorders.