We hope that you find the services and research that you read about in the CMU Center for Driving Evaluation, Education, and Research (D.E.E.R. Center) website to be valuable. The D.E.E.R. Center was founded in 2007 with support for operating expenses from the CMU Vision 2010 strategic plan and by a gift from AAA Michigan to acquire the AAA Michigan Driving Simulator. However, to keep operating, and to reach its full potential, the D.E.E.R. Center needs your help.

As you consider your charitable giving, we invite you to support the D.E.E.R. Center endowment fund, graduate student scholarship and research funds, or the clinical services fund to offset part of the cost of evaluation for low-income seniors. These are only some of the ways that you can support the D.E.E.R. Center.

For information on how to give a tax deductible contribution to the D.E.E.R. Center at CMU, please visit our online giving form