The Learning Acceleration Clinic provides remedial education services to students from 5-15 years of age who are academically delayed in basic skills. (usually reading or mathematics).
Michael Hixson, Ph.D., is a Michigan Certified School Psychologist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Enrolling in the Learning Acceleration Clinic provides a child with assessment, treatment, and evaluation. Dr. Hixson and his graduate students provide comprehensive assessments of a child's academic skills to determine the degree of skill deficit (normative information) and to identify specific strengths and difficulties. Research-based practices are used to remediate academic difficulties.
Tutoring services are typically provided by trained graduate School Psychology students under the direction of Dr. Michael Hixson. In some cases, parents may be trained to implement or supplement the treatment program. Services are provided three to four days per week for 1 and 1/2 hours per day. Curriculum-based measurement, precision teaching methods, and formal testing are used to document progress. Changes in programs are frequently made to ensure student progress. When effective instructional techniques are combined with fluency-building methods and behavior management techniques, the acceleration of student learning becomes possible. Instructional time is also a key component. Students must be provided with substantial practice to correct “ingrained” academic errors and to learn the basic skills that they have missed.
Fees for the Learning Acceleration Clinic are $200.00 for the initial assessment and $15.00 per treatment session. This fee may be adjusted on a sliding fee scale if you provide proof of income.