Image of Sharon Bradley-Johnson
  • Position: School Faculty, Director of CALL
  • Department: Psychology
  • Campus Address: Sloan Hall 232, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
  • Email:
  • Vitae: Curriculum Vitae


Sharon Bradley-Johnson received her Ed.D. from Western Michigan University in 1977 and joined the faculty at Central Michigan University in 1976. Previously she worked as a psychologist for the Regional Education and Assessment Center and as a school psychologist for Comstock Public Schools. She is the recipient of a Teaching Excellence Award, a Distinguished Faculty Award from the Michigan Association of Governing Boards, and a Master Lecturer Award from the Michigan Psychological Association. She has served on the editorial boards of School Psychology Review, and Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, as an Associate Editor for Psychology in the Schools and Education & Treatment of Children, and as Editor of the Infant Mental Health Journal. She is co-director of the Central Assessment Lending Library.

Research Interest:

My primary research interest is in cognitive assessment and intervention for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Another interest is in psychoeducational assessment of children with vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities, particularly for the youngest children. In addition, I am interested in the technical adequacy of Curriculum-Based Measurement and DIBELS.

Representative Research:

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