‚ÄčThe major goal of the program is to prepare students for doctoral training in psychology. In addition to preparing students for doctoral programs, the mission of the program also includes preparing students for research positions in the private and public sector. The program has been very successful, with many of its graduates completing doctoral degrees in psychology. Some of these individuals have attained national and international reputations in scientific psychology. In addition, the program has produced graduates who have become successful in other endeavors including administration, health and legal professions, and business and industry.
The faculty-student relationship is based on a mentoring system. All incoming students are required to be actively involved in research with a program faculty member throughout their program of study (typically two years). The mentoring system allows students to develop their research skills as well as develop close interpersonal and academic relationships with faculty. Finally, students are provided feedback regarding their progress in the program via evaluations by program faculty at the end of each academic year.