​The primary objective of the graduate programs in Experimental Psychology at CMU is to produce graduates who can demonstrate excellence in the broad arena of methodologies and general content so as to be prepared for doctoral training or research positions in the public or private sector.

The Experimental Program has the largest faculty membership of any graduate program within the Department of Psychology. The membership represents the complete spectrum of psychology including the areas of behavioral, physiological, developmental, social, clinical, cognitive, measurement, and statistics.

The program faculty members are committed to the traditional academic values of teaching and research. Many of the members have on-going research programs with substantial publication and presentation records, and many have obtained prestigious research grants. In addition, several indices (e.g., teaching awards, student ratings, alumni comments) indicate that many of the program faculty are excellent teachers.

The faculty-student relationship is based on a mentoring system. All incoming students are required to be actively involved in research with a program faculty member throughout their program of study (typically two years). The mentoring system allows students to develop their research skills as well as develop close interpersonal and academic relationships with faculty.

Overall, the Experimental Program faculty are prepared for the opportunity and challenge of providing a quality education to our students. The second floor of Sloan Hall (where many of our faculty reside) is active with students a​nd faculty. A collegial atmosphere exists with leading edge research is being conducted, discussed, and debated. This close student-faculty interaction has provided the foundation for the success of our program.

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Jane Ashby, Ph.D.
Experimental Program Director
Sloan Hall 201
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859​
Email: ashby1j@cmich.edu