​​Industrial and Organizational Psychology is an applied area of psychology that is growing every day. I/O Psychology has a dual commitment to the science and practice involved in applying psychology to the practical problems faced by people at work in a variety of organizations. Improving worker productivity and the quality of work life are the underlying goals of most I/O psychologists’ efforts. Such activities include researching better ways for organizations to select and train employees or how to measure employee job performance. Other activities may be related to motivational issues at work, factors that affect work group processes, or understanding when different types of leadership are most appropriate.

I/O Psychologists do research and work with organizations in one or more of the following areas:      

  • Selection and Placement
    • Developing assessment tools for selection, placement, classification, and promotion of employees; Validating test instruments; Analyzing job content; Developing and implementing selection programs; Optimizing placement of personnel; Identifying management potential
  • Training and Development
    • Identifying training and development needs; Formulating and implementing technical training and management development programs; Evaluating the effectiveness of training and development programs relative to productivity and satisfaction; Planning careers; Identifying and developing executive potential
  • Organizational Development
    • Analyzing organizational structure; Maximizing the satisfaction and the effectiveness of individuals and work groups; Facilitating organizational change;
  • Quality of Worklife
    • Enhancing the productive outputs of individuals; Identifying factors associated with job satisfaction; Redesigning jobs to make them more meaningful

Unemployment is almost nonexistent among I/O Psychologists (<1%)!

Becoming an I/O Psychologist

  • Graduate School
    • M.A. (12%) or Ph.D.(88%)
    • Entry requirements competitive
    • Content of graduate training
      • Basic psychology

        - Research methods (heavy emphasis)
        - I/O content
        - Thesis, Dissertation
        - Qualifying exam
        - Internship, practica


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