Class admitted Fall 2018
  • Nga Do, Doctoral, Millsap College
  • Joel Hernandez, Doctoral, CUNY Queens College
  • Brad McGill, Doctoral, Michigan State University
  • Mansik Young, Doctoral, Pusan National University (Republic of Korea)
  • Amy Mast, Masters, Central Michigan  University

Class admitted Fall 2017

  • Sarah Adams, Doctoral, Bowling Green State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Kyle Mann, Doctoral, Wayne State University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Tyler Mirando, Doctoral, Central Connecticut State University, Mentor:  Stephen Colarelli
  • Krystal Roach, Doctoral, Coppin State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Shane Sizemore, Doctoral, Saginaw Valley State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Alexander Thierbach, Doctoral, Central Michigan University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen  
  • Rachel Pohlman, Masters, University of Dayton, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien

Class admitted Fall 2016

  • Naga Shilpa Alamuri, Doctoral, Andhra University-India, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Ian Armstrong, Doctoral, University of Georgia, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Steven Hirsch, Doctoral, Boston University, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Hanna Hlebasko, Doctoral, Ball State University, Mentor: Neil Christiansen
  • Ki Ho Kim, Doctoral, University of California-San Diego, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Daniel Gould, Masters, Saginaw Valley State University, Mentor: Kimberly O’Brien

Class admitted Fall 2015

  • Alissa Fleming, Doctoral, St. Vincent College, Mentor: Kimberly O’Brien
  • Rusty Gillain, Doctoral, University of Florida, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Zachary Reburn, Doctoral, Rowan University, Mentor: Neil Christiansen
  • Bailey Schrock, Doctoral, University of Oklahoma, Mentor:  Matthew Prewett
  • Brendon Woody, Doctoral, University of Missouri, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Matthew Johnson, Doctoral, University of Wisconsin, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Eleanor Lovering, Doctoral, University of Michigan, Mentor: Matthew Prewett

Class admitted Fall 2014

  • Kateryna Chaykovska, Doctoral, Roosevelt University, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Ashley Cooper, Doctoral, Kennesaw State, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Alexandra Jacobsen, Doctoral, University of Maryland, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Minseo Kim, Doctoral, Kangwon National University-Korea, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Aaron Stupica, Doctoral, Otterbein College, Mentor: Neil Christiansen