​The Department of Psychology at Central Michigan University offer a terminal Master of Arts and Doctoral Programs in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology. Graduates of these programs typically work as consultants to businesses or in university settings.

The I/O Psychology Programs at Central Michigan University prepare students for careers as active contributors to the psychology of work. This is achieved primarily through experiences in three areas:  

  • Course work
  • Independe​nt and faculty-sponsored research
  • Supervised applied project

These experiences help students gain the knowledge and develop the skills needed to be outstanding I/O Psychologists.

I/O Psychology students at CMU can tailor their graduate education to reflect their own professional interests and academic needs. These graduate programs are offered in a learning environment where faculty members and students teach and learn from each other through collaboration, discussion, classes, and other interaction opportunities.

M.A. This two-year program requires 39 hours of course work, including practicum and thesis options.

Ph.D. The Doctoral Program prepares students for careers in research, business, or university settings. This program requires 96 hours of course work, a comprehensive exam, a master’s thesis, and a doctoral dissertation.