The Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Program seeks to advance and transmit knowledge related to I/O psychology and to provide a strong educational background in I/O Psychology for students. This background will enable students both to advance and transmit knowledge related to I/O Psychology and to provide consulting and expert services in the field.

To fulfill this mission, the goals of the I/O Psychology Program are:

  1. To promote I/O Psychology as a science and method for advancing the effectiveness and well-being of people and organizations.

  2. To prepare I/O psychologists whose research, teaching, and applied work is primarily informed by current scientific theory, research, and methods.

  3. To prepare I/O psychologists who are knowledgeable about ethics and use ethical reasoning in their research, teaching, and applied work.

  4. To prepare I/O psychologists who respect the dignity and worth of all people.

  5. To develop and publicize new knowledge.

  6. To stimulate enthusiasm for the field of I/O Psychology among undergraduates through high expectations and excellent teaching.