CMU has an active chapter of the Association for Psychological Science Student Caucus (APSSC).  As the representative body for the Student Affiliates of the American Psychological Society (APS), the APSSC is committed to the goals of that organization:  to advance the discipline of psychology, to preserve the scientific base of psychology, to promote public understanding of psychological science and its applications, to encourage the giving away of psychology in the public interest, and to enhance the quality of education in the science of psychology.

APSSC is a service organization founded to act as a forum for graduate and undergraduate student issues, as a voice for students in APS policy decisions, and as a national networking and information resource.  APSSC develops and enacts programs aimed at meeting the needs of both students and APS as a whole.  Specific program goals are to promote student research, to provide opportunities for contact between students and psychologists in the field, to make policy recommendations to APS about student concerns, to assist in students' professional development through activities such as arranging funding for travel to conferences, to promote extracurricular educational participation via local chapters of the national student organization, and to disseminate information about the educational and scientific opportunities available to students.

At the national level, the APS Student Caucus (APSSC) is the representative body for student affiliates of APS and acts as a service organization for graduate and undergraduate students.  Keep in mind that all student affiliates of APS are members of the APSSC. 

Some of the caucus activities related to APSSC's goals are (1) a student research competition, (2) travel funds for attending the APS annual convention, (3) a local conference matching-funds program, (4) chapter recruitment, (5) an e-mail system for students (APSSCnet), and (6) a mentorship program. In 1993, 1994, and again in 1995, CMU's Chapter of APSSC earned the National Outstanding Chapter Award for its unique activities during the year!  In 1998, CMU’s chapter was the only honorable mention ever for that award.  The chapter meets bi-weekly to present research, attract new members, and engage in fund-raising.  The officers' names and phone numbers are posted on the bulletin board near the elevator in Sloan Hall.  The faculty advisor is Dr. Chris Davoli,  The society’s lo​cal chapter can be reached via email at