All clinical students are members of the Clinical Student Association. Students contribute to the program and can address their concern through active participation in the Clinical Student Association. Suggestions for implementing change in the program, requests for special colloquia and speakers, and concerns related to student morale are often addressed by the Clinical Student Association. In addition, the Clinical Student Association helps with the implementation of several specific program tasks. For instance, members of the Clinical Student Association are actively involved in the admissions process and often host social events that encourage the interaction among clinical students in different years of training. Finally, the President of the Clinical Student Association serves as a member of the Program Committee. 

Program Committee

Current goals for the Program Committee are (1) provide a vehicle through which students can voice their concerns, (2) give feedback regarding curricular/program issues, (3) work with the Clinical Psychology Program faculty to develop and implement curricular and program changes, and (4) maintain and monitor communication among faculty and students. The Program committee is composed of a representative from each of the four cohorts and the President of the Clinical Student Association. The chairperson for the program committee is George Ronan. The Director of Clinical Training, Dr. George Ronan, serves as the faculty liaison to the program committee.