Directed Research & Independent Study Interests

  • Skilled word recognition, reading disabilities, neurocognition of reading and language, and reading development. Dr. Jane Ashby
  • Life span development psychology, cognitive aging, and cross-cultural differences in worry and stereotypes. Dr. Renee Babcock
  • Cognitive aging, visual attention and perception, action-perception links. Dr. Emily Bloesch
  • Personality in the workplace, personnel selection, and structural equation modeling in I/O psychology. Dr. Neil Christiansen
  • Personnel psychology, evolutionary psychology and influence on HRM utilization.
    Dr. Stephen Colarelli
  • Perception, attention, visual cognition, embodied cognition, action, tool-use.  
    Dr. Christopher Davoli​
  • Child media use, problematic media use, childhood obesity prevention in a-risk families, reducing barriers to health behavior change in under-served families, weight bias/stigma, and media effects.  Dr. Sar​ah Domoff
  • Academic and behavioral interventions conceptualized from a behavior-analytic perspective. Dr. Daniel Drevon
  • Behavioral neuroscience and stem cell and pharmacological treatment of brain damage and neurodegeneration diseases. Dr. Gary Dunbar
  • Personal and social consequences of anger, stress, and trauma in individuals with chronic and life-limiting conditions, such as cancer.  Dr. James Gerhart
  • Self presentation, smoker-non smoker interaction, and pscyology of gambling.
    Dr. Bryan Gibson
  • Scientific study of culture, quantitative methods, psychological test/scale development, and evaluation. Dr. Kyunghee Han
  • Low-incidence disabilities, CHARGE Syndrome, disability and the family, therapeutic interventions, issues around loss. Dr. Timothy Hartshorne
  • Behavior analysis, direct instruction, precision teaching, behavior development, and curriculum-based measurement. Dr. Michael Hixson
  • Neurodegenerative disease, in particular Alzheimer's disease, and the role of neuroinflammation in brain aging and the influence of endocannabinoid system on the regulation of inflammatory processes in the context of Alzheimer's disease.
    Dr. Yannick Marchalant
  • Anxiety disorders, especially post traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder.
    Dr. Elizabeth Meadows
  • Academic and behavioral assessment/intervention, and pediatric consultation.
    Dr. Sandy Kanouse Morgan
  • Child clinical; parent-child interactions; child conduct problems; dissemination of evidence-based treatment; child maltreatment. Dr. Lari​ssa Niec
  • Job stress, organizational citizenship behavior, counterproductive work behavior, mentoring, and emotional abuse. Dr. Kimberly O'Brien
  • Human memory and cognition. Dr. Hajime Otani
  • Examining the pathological mechanisms of neurodegeneration using transgenic mouse models of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington's disease, and Alzheimer's disease, with the aim of preclinical therapy development. Dr. Kevin Park
  • Basic language/cognitive/social development in children related to social issues and forensic psychology. Dr. Debra Poole
  • Team performance management: staffing, training, group motivation, and performance appraisal. Dr. Matt Prewett
  • Experimental analysis of behavior, operant/respondent conditioning, quantitative models, animal learning, behavioral pharmacology, and substance abuse. Dr. Mark Reilly
  • Academic, behavioral assessment/intervention, and pediatric consultation.
    Dr. Katrina Rhymer
  • Personal problem solving, violence and aggression, and clinical research methodology.
    Dr. George Ronan
  • Brain plasticity, compensatory neuronal activity, and behavior associated with deteriorative diseases such as animal models. Dr. Michael Sandstrom
  • Psychology and law. Dr. Kyle Scherr
  • Ecological validity of neuropsychological assessment; cognition and medication adherence; influence of affective variables on cognitive performance; decision-making and risk-taking; malingering. Dr. Reid Skeel
  • Human development and developmental changes in cognitive and psychosocial.
    Dr. Roger Van Horn
  • Psychological assessment; validation of clinical inferences from psychological tests; the MMPI-2, MMPI-A, and MMPI-2-RD. Dr. Nathan Weed.​