You must check your cmich email account for your login name and password. If you have not received this email, please go to the website and click under “Lost your password?.” Next, enter your cmich email address and your login information will be immediately sent to you. Please remember it will take at least one week from the start of the semester to have the user information sent to you.
***If you have used the Sona-Systems website in a previous semester, check your cmich email address for a NEW PASSWORD for the semester.*** 


If you are having trouble logging into the system, make sure that your login name is in lowercase letters and your password is accurate. If when you try to log in you receive an error message saying “authentication expired”, your computer needs to have cookies enabled for the web browser. The system will not run properly without cookies enabled. If you don’t know how to enable cookies, you can call the help desk at #3662, and they will talk you through the procedure. You may change your password by clicking on the “My Profile” link. You may also change your email address if you would like any notices sent to an address that you check more often than your cmich account.

When in the “My Profile” section, please make sure that you are registered for all of your courses and that the course reference numbers are correct. If you have any problems with the courses you are registered for or if you added or dropped a course after the first week of classes please email

To sign up to participate in study:

To sign up to participate in a study, find a study you would like to participate in by clicking on the “Studies” link or “Study Sign-Up” section in the middle of the page. This will take you to a list of studies. Click on a study of your choosing for more information. You will be able to see any restrictions or eligibility requirements, as well as who to contact if you have questions about the study. If you meet all of the qualifications for the study, click on “View Timeslots for This Study” to be able to see a list of the available timeslots. Once you find a time that is convenient for you, click the “Sign Up” button. You will receive a reminder email confirming the time and location.  

To cancel a sign-up:

If you need to cancel a timeslot, you can view the studies you are scheduled to participate in by clicking on “My Schedule and Credits”. You will see a list of all the studies you have signed up for, as well as the ones you have completed. You have up until 2 hours before the study start time to cancel participation. Those studies that do not exceed the cancellation time limit will have a “Cancel” button next to them. Once you click “Cancel” for a study, you will see a confirmation page. In order to cancel participation in a study you must click “yes”. After canceling, recheck your schedule by clicking “My Schedule and Credits” to make sure that you are no longer scheduled for the study. If the time limit for cancellation has passed, you may email the researcher directly. A researcher’s email address is located in the study’s information section and is also located in the reminder email you received. DO NOT EMAIL TO CANCEL PARTICIPATION IN A STUDY.

To assign credits:

After you have participated in a study you will be asked what course you would like to assign the earned credit to, if you are enrolled in multiple courses. If you decide later that you would like to reassign your credits, you may do so by clicking on “My Schedule and Credits.” If you do not receive credit for studies you have participated in within 48 hours of the study time, please contact the researcher. If you do not receive a response from the researcher or your credit is still not granted, email You may earn 1 credit for every half hour spent participating in a study.

Please also review the Participant FAQ website. If any you have questions regarding the Subject Pool you may direct them to