Rules For Using the Subject Pool:

  1. In order to access the Subject Pool, the researcher must contact for a Subject Pool Application for each study.  For the first study request, the researcher will receive a researcher ID and password. ***Note: If there are multiple researchers for one study, please note this on your Subject Pool Application.  Also, only one application is needed for studies that have multiple researchers.

  1. For subsequent requests the researcher must provide their researcher ID on the Subject Pool Application.

  1. Researchers may not post a study more than two weeks before they intend to start collecting data. Therefore if your first timeslot is January 15th, you cannot put your study on the website until January 1st.

  2. Researchers must give credit to a participant within 24 hours of collecting data.  If credit is not granted within 24 hours, the system will automatically grant credit to these participants (even if they did not show up).  Researchers who do not give participants credit within 24 hours may lose their privilege of using the Subject Pool.

  3. If a researcher must cancel a session of his/her study, he or she must notify the participants and the Subject Pool coordinator 24 hours prior to its scheduled time. If a researcher fails show for a study and does not notify the participants and Subject Pool coordinator, he or she may lose his/her privilege of using the Subject Pool.  If the researcher fails to show up for or cancels a study, he or she must give credit to the participants that were scheduled.

  4. PSY 385 researchers may NOT recruit participants from PSY 100 classes.

  5. You must give a copy of the consent form to the participant.  This copy must be signed by the researcher and is considered a receipt for the participant.  The consent form must include the study title and researcher contact information (i.e. email address).

  6. If the student is not signed up for your study through the Subject Pool, you MUST get their login ID in order to grant them credit.  Please contact for more information on how to grant credit to students not signed up through the website.

  7. Participants should receive one credit for every half hour of participation.  Therefore if a study is 30 minutes or any amount of time under 30 minutes (1, 15, 20, 25 minutes, etc), the participant should receive 1 credit, if the study is to be between 30 minutes and 60 minutes (31, 45, 55 minutes, etc), the participant should receive 2 credits, and so forth.

  8. Once you have completed recruitment of participants, please make your study inactive and notify so that the study can be removed from the system.