This concentration prepares students for employment or graduate study in a variety of mental health fields such as case manager, psychiatric technician, child life specialist, nonprofit manager, grant writer, child protective services, and foster care/adoption case manager. It will be helpful for students interested in clinical psychology, school psychology, counseling and social work.

Psychology: Concentration in Mental Health

36 credit hours (All courses require grade of ā€œCā€ or better except PSY 100)

Image of brain and headlines on mental health

Required Courses (21 credit hours):

PSY 100 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 211QR - Introduction to Psychological Statistics
PSY 250 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 285 - Research Methods
PSY 310 - Psychological Testing
PSY 350 - Clinical Interviewing and Counseling
PSY 385 - Applications of Research Methods
Graphic of person seated with head resting on hand and fragments of the image scattering in the back

Electives (15 credit hours):

Electives I (3 hours) 
Choose one of the following:
PSY 220 Developmental Psychology
PSY 450 Clinical Psychology
PSY 459 Stress

Electives II (6 hours)
Choose two of the following:
PSY 220 Developmental Psychology
PSY 322 Psychology of Infancy & Early Childhood
PSY 324 Childhood and Adolescence
PSY 325 Psychology of Aging
PSY 334 Psychology of Women
PSY 340 Studies in Personality
PSY 370 Applied Behavioral Analysis
PSY 379 Health Psychology
PSY 450 Clinical Psychology
PSY 459 Stress
PSY 509 Behavioral Pharmacology
PSY 510 Principles of Psychological Measurement
PSY 544 Theories of Personality
PSY 555 Psychopathology of Children
PSY 562 Therapeutic Intervention: Foundations
PSY 575 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Characteristics and Etiology
PSY 579 Behavioral Medicine
PSY 583 Motivation and Emotion
PSY 586 Applied Behavioral Analysis in Education 

Electives III (6 hours)
Additional PSY courses can be taken toward the concentration as electives.
* Note: Courses counted in one elective category cannot be 'double-counted' in another elective category.