Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst┬« (BCBA┬«) is a graduate-level certification in behavior analysis. Professionals certified at the BCBA level are independent practitioners who provide behavior analysis services. In order to take all of these graduate courses, students must be admitted to a graduate program at CMU. Most often, students are in either the experimental or school psychology graduate programs.

The Association for Behavior Analysis International has verified the following courses toward the coursework requirements for eligibility to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® examination. Applicants will need to meet additional requirements before they can be deemed eligible to take the examination.

Required Coursework:

PSY 537  Organizational Behavior Management (3 credit hours)
PSY 570  Behavioral Assessment and Treatment Planning (3 credit hours)
PSY 571   Research Methods in Behavior Analysis (3 credit hours)
PSY 586  Applied Behavior Analysis in Education (3 credit hours)
PSY 680  Learning and Methodology (3 credit hours)
PSY 780  Behavior Therapy (3 credit hours)
PSY 792  Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credit hours)

BCBA Fieldwork Requirements:

To be eligible to take the BCBA exam, students must accrue 2000 hours of Supervised Fieldwork experience or 1500 of Concentrated Supervised Fieldwork experience. Some of these hours may be obtained through experience at the Central Autism Treatment Center. ( 

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