​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Children with CHARGE syndrome frequently engage in behavior that is challenging to those who work or live with them. The behavior is often described as obsessive compulsive, autistic-like, and stereotypical. The function of the lab is to investigate the genetic, biological, environmental and individual factors that may be implicated in the etiology of these behaviors, with the aim of better describing the behavior and developing appropriate strategies for intervention and prevention.
Projects currently under various stages of development include the following: the experience of fathers, decision making around the removal of gastrostomy feeding tubes, the prevalence of headaches, the development of social play, the use of an adapted version of Tai Chi as an intervention for children with CHARGE, sleep interventions in children with CHARGE, the use of adaptive and recreational equipment with children with CHARGE, anxiety and the use of calendar systems, the use of medication in children with CHARGE, and unique behaviors in children with CHARGE. An overarching focus of investigation is problems with self-regulation leading to behavioral challenges.
We welcome undergraduate and (potential) graduate students with an interest in our work to apply to assist in the lab​.
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