​​​The CHARGE Lab welcomes interested undergraduate and graduate students. Students are actively involved in designing, carrying out and ultimately presenting research. Many of our alumni published papers while students at CMU. For more information about opportunities in the lab, email Professor Hartshorne at tim.hartshorne@cmich.edu.

Summer research assistant:

Occasionally, we accept summer research assistants. The summer assistants' responsibilities would include maint​aining websites, updating bibliographies, reviewing manuscripts, analyzing data, drafting man​uscripts, assisting other researchers in the lab, and any other miscellaneous tasks. 

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CHARGE Lab researchers
"We drink tea!"
Front Row, left to right: Shanti Madhavan-Brown, Rachel Wilson, Rachel Malta, Shelby Muhn, Megan Schmittel​
Second Row, left to right: Ben Kennert, Bree Kaufman, Becca Jokinen, Blair Tiseo, Jacob Hartshorne, Tim Hartshorne, Gretchen Imel