The Reading Laboratory is directed by Dr. Jane Ashby. The research conducted here investigates the cognitive processes involved when adults and children silently read sentences and paragraphs. The lab is equipped with an Eyelink 1000 eye tracker that is used to monitor eye movements during silent reading. Studies in my laboratory examine questions about the intersection of reading, speech, and visual processes in skilled and novice readers. Another research strand involves using eye movements to identify how text characteristics affect reading behaviors in applied settings (e.g., legal, commercial, and medical contexts).

Undergraduate students and graduate student research assistants develop the methodological skills needed to design and conduct eye movement experiments, often collaborating with faculty in School Psychology, Social Psychology, and Psychology of Law.

The Reading Laboratory is located in Room 110 of Sloan Hall at Central Michigan University. ​

Dr. Jane AshbyJane Ashby, Ph.D.
CMU Experimental Psychology
Sloan 137
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Resume/Vita: Curriculum Vitae

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Student Researchers:

Student researchers with Dr. Ashby