• ​Position: Social Work Field Director, Instructor
  • Campus Address: AN 034A
  • Phone: (989) 774-3432
  • Email: putna1al@cmich.edu

Allison joined CMU as the Social Work Program Field Director in 2007. Allison has over ten years of rural social work practice experience in the areas of family therapy, adolescent residential placements, courts, medical, mental health, and substance abuse.  Allison's areas of expertise are working with adolescents who exhibit oppositional defiance, emotional impairments, and delinquency and criminal behavior.  In addition to adolescents, Allison specializing in working with the parents and family of the adolescent population discussed above.    


M.S.W. 1998 Wayne State University

Courses taught at CMU (since 2007)

  • Introduction to Social Work (SWK 100)
  • Social Work Generalist Practice I: Social Work Communications (SWK 315)
  • Social Work Practicum I (SWK 470)
  • Social Work Practicum II (SWK 480)