Rebecca HayesProfessor
Sociology: Social & Criminal Justice Advisor
Anspach 131


  • Ph.D., Sociology and Criminology & Law, University of Florida, 2009
  • M.S., Criminal Justice, Michigan State University, 2005
  • B.A., Social Psychology/Criminal Justice (Magna Cum Laude), Western Michigan University, 2002
  • AA., Theatre, Lake Michigan Community College, 2000                                                           

Areas of Teaching Expertise

  • Victimology
  • Gender, Race and Crime
  • Media's Influence on the Criminal Justice system

Research Interests

  • Gender and Racial Inequalities in the Criminal Justice System The CSI Effect Victimology

Scholarly Activity


  • 2018 Fulbright Grant for, "A U.S. India Comparative Study of Criminology & Policing: at Raksha Shakti University. Awarded (Declined).
  • 2018 National University of Public Service, "Victim Expectations amongst Hungarian Law Enforecment Students". Amount: 700.0000 HUF per month for 6 months.


  • Hayes, R.M. & Luther K. (2018). #Crime: Social Media, Crime and Criminal Justice. Palgrave MacMillan.

Peer Reviewed Articles/Books Chapters

  • Hayes, R.M. & Luther K. (2018), July). Unsolicted Dick Pics: Exhibitionism or Entitlement? Women's Studies International Forum. Online.
  • Hayes, R.M., Joosen, K., Smiley, C. (2018). Black Petes & Black Crooks: Racial Stereotyping and Offending in the Netherlands. Contemporary Justice Review, Online.
  • Hayes, R.M., Dathorne, S. & Lawrence, V. (2017). Participatory action research: Identifying and addressing sexual violence in St. Lucia. In K. Joosen: Caribbean Crime and Criminal Justice: Impacts of Postcolonialism and Gender. Routledge Press.
  • Hayes, R.M., Dathorne, S., & Taylor, C. (2016). Silent no more: A qualitative examination of sexual violence in St. Lucia. International Journal of Rural Criminology, 3(1), 92-105.
  • Hayes, R.M., Abbott, R.M. & Cook, S. (2016). It's her fault: Students drinking behavior and acceptance of rape myths from two college campuses. Violence Against Women, online.
  • Smith, J.M. & Hayes, R.M. (2016). Integrating philosophy, sociology, and dialogue-based instruction in the Social and Criminal Justice classroom. Contemporary Justice Review, 1, 3-18.

Presentations at Professional Conferences

Paper Presentations:

  • Hayes, R.M. (2018). The victimological concept of victim blaming: Rape Myth Acceptance. Victimology Spring Conference at National University of Public Service, April 26, Budapest, Hungary.
  • Hayes, R.M. (2017). Sexual Violence as global social problem. Crime and Justice in Asia and the Global South, July 14-17, Cairns, Australia.
  • Hayes, R.M., Joosten, J., Alvant, L. (2016). Supporting victim supporters in Europe: Lessons on training. European Society of Criminology, Sept 20-23, Munster, Germany.
  • Hayes, R.M. (2016). The culture of victim blaming: Rape myths, the just world belief, and gender expectations. Conference on Sexual Violence Myth & Reality, April 20, Budapest, Hungary.

Workshops and Roundtables:

  • 2018, Invited Speaker for "Teaching Workshop", November 14-17, American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA.

Other Presentations:

  • 2018, December- invited lecture, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court, Rape Culture and Working With Victims
  • 2017, June- invited lecture, Queensland University of Technology School of Justice, Rape Culture
  • 2017, April- invited speaker, Lansing Community College, presentation on Victim Blaming Culture
  • 2016, April- invited speaker, National Institute of Criminology Budapest, multiple lectures were given on Sexual Violence Issues
  • 2016, April- invited speaker on Victimology for Louvain University in Louvain-Neuve, Beligium.