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Why study sociology at CMU?

The sociology major offers students a sound understanding of human groups, institutions, and societies while providing vast opportunities for st​udy. Consider these key features distinguishing this program at CMU:

  • Survey and qualitative research opportunities with sociology faculty members and through class projects
  • Service learning opportunities throughout the Isabella County area
  • Departmental scholarship programs for qualified applicants
  • Professional development, resources, and contacts through on-campus organizations such as the Sociology Club

Program Overviews, Courses & Career Options​

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  • Sociology:
    Program RequirementsRequired Courses (13 hours)
    SOC 100 Introductory Sociology 3(3-0)
    SOC 200 Introduction to Social Research and Analysis 3(3-0)
    SOC 250 Pro-Seminar in Sociology 1(1-0)
    SOC 301 Sociological Theory 3(3-0)
    SOC 350 Social Research Methodologies 3(3-0)

    Electives I (6 hours)
    Advanced Coursework
    6 additional credit hours of Sociology courses must be taken at the 300-level or above.

    Electives II (3 hours)
    One additional course in Sociology must also be taken or up to three hours in Social Work (SWK) may be counted toward a minor in Sociology.

    Total: 22 semester hours

Program Cards


Sociology: Concentration in Social and Criminal Justice

Sociology: Concentration in Youth Studies

Program Advisors


Katherine Rosier
Alan Rudy

Sociology: Youth Studies

Amanda Garrison

David Kinney 

Sociology: Social & Criminal Justice

Mensah Adinkrah

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Rebecca Hayes

Brian Smith