What can you do with a major or minor in sociology?  How do you find careers that use your knowledge and skills?  How do find a graduate school that is right for you?

Below you will find inforgraphics created by Spring 2021 students completing SOC 250, the pro-seminar on Careers, Professional Development, and Skills for Sociology Students.  They provide you with good advice and share information that they found useful as they thought about their own options after graduating from CMU.  

Ashley Barton - Resume Writing Tips

Ralph Bisainthe - What's Cool About Sociology?

Victoria Burcar - Sociology Career Options

Hayley Diehl - Graduate School Application Steps

Camille Dixon - Career Outlook for a Social Science Degree

Thad Enwerejobi - Applying for Grad Schools

Dakota Grover - Tips for Applying for Grad School and a Job

Amaris Hall - Benefits of Attending Graduate School

Mikaila Hancock - Sociology Careers

Emily Jones - Steps to a Successful Career in Sociology

Patrick Nahgahgwon - Tips to Helping Get Order in Life (PDF version)

Emma Newhouse - Why Study Sociology

Kendall Parker - Sociology Studies at Central Michigan University

LibertyQuijas-Klebba - How to Prepare for THAT Job Interview

Taylor Rademacher - 10 Qualities of a Successful Graduate Student

Cody Schneider - So You Think You're Ready for Your Interview?

Karly Steinberg - CMU Services to Help You Prepare for Life After College

Ethan Straub - Steps to Graduation

Samantha Kaye-Toral - The Purpose of My Life

Audrey Waye - How to Make a Professional Resume that Represents You

Taylor Wenzel - 5 Ways to Get H.I.R.E.D. for your Dream Job

Olivia Wolfe - How to Prepare for an Interview