Image of Amy Ransom​Position:  Professor of French
Campus Address:  Pearce Hall, Room 305
Phone:  (989) 774-3786

Area(s) of Expertise: Quebec Popular Culture,​ including film; Francophone Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror; Feminist Theory; Postcolonial Theory; 19th c. French literature; French film; Dystopia/Utopia/Apocalyptic narratives

Research areas

19th c. French Science Fiction
Quebec Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror
Haitian-Quebecois Writers
Quebec Film since 2000

Degrees and Universities

Ph. D. in French, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, June 1993
M. A. in French, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, March 1988
B. A. in French and History, University of Montana, Missoula, magna cum laude, June 1986
Additional Graduate course work in Spanish, University of Alabama-Birmingham, Spring 1997

Selected Publications


Richard Matheson's I Am Legend and Its Film Adaptations: Race and Masculinity in an American Myth. Jefferson: McFarland, 2018.
Hockey, P.Q.: Canada’s Game in Québec Popular Culture. Toronto: U of Toronto Press. 2014.
Science Fiction from Québec: A Postcolonial Study. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2009.
The Feminine as Fantastic in the Conte fantastique: Visions of the Other. New York: Peter Lang, 1995.

Journal, Special Issue editor, Guest editor

Femspec 11.2 (2011) Special Issue on Élisabeth Vonarburg
@nalyses : revue de critique et de théorie littéraire 8.2 (Spring-Summer 2013). co-edited with Sophie Beaulé (St. Mary’s University, Halifax, N.S.), Special Issue on Nouvelles perspectives sur le polar et les genres de l’imaginaire du Canada d’expression française. https://

Journal articles & book chapters

  • "Men in Pain: Home, Nostalgia, and Masculinity in Twenty-First Century Québec Film." A Cinema of Pain: Essays on Quebec's Nostalgic Screen Ed. Liz Czach and André Loiselle. Forthcoming. 
  • "Forgiving the Horrible Mother: Children's Needs and Women's Desires in Twenty-First Century Québécois Film." Horrible Motherhood Across Francophone North America. Ed. Loic Bourdeau. University of Nebraska Press, 2019.​ 149-67.
  • "Laurent McAllister: Rhizomatic Space and the Posthuman." Lingua Cosmica: Science Fiction from Around the World. Ed. Dale Knickerbocker. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2018. 129-150.
  • 'He Shoots! He Scores!': Language and Gender Politics in the Québec Television Series Lance et compte. Ice Hockey in Quebec—The Same, but Different. Ed. Jason Blake and Andrew Holman. Montréal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2017. 143-68. 
  • "Yellow Perils: M. P. Shiel, Race, and the Far East Menace." In Bamboo Planets: Racial Representations of Asia in Science Fiction. Ed. Isiah Lavender III. University Press of Mississippi. 2017. 73-88. 
  • "Popular Literatures in Québec: National Identity and 'American' Genres." In Popular Fiction: Genre, Distribution, Reproduction/ Palgrave Handbook of Popular Literature. Ed Ken Gelder. London: Palgrave, 2016. 239-60.  
  • "Lovecraft in Quebec: Transcultural Fertilization and Esther Rochon's Reevaluation of the Powers of Horror." Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts. 26.3 (2015): 452-70. Spec. Issue on H. P. Lovecraft edited by Carl Sederholm and Jeffrey A. Weinstock.  
  • "The Changing Shape of a Shape-shifter: The French and French Canadian loup-garou." Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 26.2 (2015): 251-75. 
  • “The Future of Quebec in Science Fiction Film and Television.” Science Fiction Film and Television 8.1 (2015): 1-25.  
  • “Bollywood Goes to the Stadium: Gender, National Identity and Sport Film in Hindi.” Journal of Film and Video 66.4 (Winter 2014): 34-59.​ 
  • « Le Sublime naturel dans le ‘Cycle de Neubourg’ de Daniel Sernine. » Belphégor: Littératures populaires et culture médiatique 12.1 (2014). Web. 
  • “The First Last Man: Cousin de Grainville’s Le Dernier Homme.” Science Fiction Studies 41.2 (July 2014): 314-40. 
  • « Gwo nèg, petit blanc: masculinité et solidarité raciale et féministe chez Gérard Étienne ». Interculturel Francophonies 24 (2013) : 43-54. Special Issue: Tissage et métissage dans l’œuvre de Gérard Étienne.  
  • “Myth, Vaudou and Hybridity in Dany Laferrière’s Le Cri des oiseaux fous.” Dany Laferrière: Essays on His Works. Ed. Lee Skallerup Bessette. Toronto: Guernica Editions, 2013. 145-71. Essential Writer’s Series 39.  
  • “Deterritorialization and the Crisis of Recognition in Turn of the Millennium Québec Film.” American Review of Canadian Studies. 43.2 (June 2013): 176-89. Special Issue on Québec Cinema, Ed. Denis Bachand, Vincent Desroches, André Loiselle, and Miléna Santoro. 
  • “Parabolas of SFQ: Canadian SF in French and the Making of a ‘National’ Sub-Genre.” Parabolas of Science Fiction. Ed. Brian Attebery and Veronica Hollinger. Middlebury: Wesleyan UP, 2013. 89-105; 265-67.​
  • “Québec History X: Re-visioning the Past through Rap.” American Review of Canadian Studies 43.1 (Spring 2013): 12-39. 
  • “New Maps of Hell: Postcolonial Utopia and Esther Rochon’s Les Chroniques infernales.” Spaces of Utopia: An Electronic Journal, second series. 1 (2012): 56-87. Special Issue on Postcolonial Utopia.
  • “Language choice and code switching in current popular music from Québec.”  Glottopol: revue de sociolinguistique en ligne 17. (January 2011) Special Issue on Variétés de la chanson francophone. 
  • « Un utopiste québécois : Le cas de Jacques Brossard. » Temporalités 12.2 (January 2011) Special issue « Utopies/Uchronies ». Eds. Michel Lallement et Jean-Marc Ramos.
  • “Constructions of the Future: Science-fictional Visions of Montréal’s Olympic Stadium.” Contemporary French Civilization 34.2 (Spring/Summer 2010): 23-47. 
  • “Opening Eyes Wide Shut: Genre, Reception and Kubrick’s Last Film.”Journal of Film and Video 62.4 (Winter 2010): 31-46.​ 
  • « Ce Zombi égaré est-il un Haïtien ou un Québécois?: Le vaudou chez les écrivains haïtiano-québécois. » Canadian Literature/Littérature canadienne 203 (Winter 2009): 64-83.
  • “Critical Reception and Postmodern Violation of Generic Conventions in Jacques Brossard’s “Monument aux marges”: L’Oiseau de feu.” Studies in Canadian Literature/Études de littérature canadienne 33.1 (2008): 229-56.
  • “Sexuality, Horror and Postmodernism in Québec’s Littératures de genre.” Contemporary French Civilization 32.1 (Winter/Spring 2008): 157-182. 
  • “The Imagined Communities of Québec’s Science Fiction and Fantasy: Esther Rochon’s Cycle de Vrénalik.” West Virginia Philological Papers 53 (2006): 92-101. 
  • “Oppositional Postcolonialism and the Science Fiction of Québec.” Science Fiction Studies 99 (July 2006): 291-312. Winner of the Science Fiction Research Association’s Pioneer Award 2007.

Recent Conference Presentations

"Rifters and Beyond: An (Overly) Educated Fan's Perspective on Peter Watts' Fiction." The Peter Watts Symposium, University of Toronto-St.George Campus, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 11, 2017.
"Retelling National Epics through Horror Film: Québec’s Le Poil de la bête, France’s Martyrs and the Vampire Cinema of Jean Rollin." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 37: Fantastic Epics, IAFA, Orlando, FL, March 19. 2017.
"Masculine Pain and Memory in Québec Film since 2010: Jimmy Larouche's La Cicatrice & Steve Kerr's Columbarium." American Council for Quebec StudiesBiannual Conference, Portland, Maine. November 5, 2016.
"Adapting the French-Canadian Wonder Tales of Fred Pellerin to the Screen: Luc Picard's Babine (2008) and Ésimésac (2012)." International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 36: Wonder Tales. Orlando, FL, March 16-20, 2016.
"Violence and Uncertainty on the French-Canadian Margins: The Films of Denis Côté." 44th Annual Louisville Conference on Literature & Culture since 1900. February 18-20, 2016
« Un Franco-Ontarien aux prises avec l'espace-temps : la science-fiction de Jean-Louis Trudel. » Association of Canadian and Québécois Literature. Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. May 28-June 2, 2015.
"French/ Science/ Fictions." Keynote Address. Chimères. University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS. April 18, 2015.
“Rap as Survivance: Acadian Hip Hop Group Radio Radio and Algonquin Rapper Samian.” Midwest Association of Canadian Studies Conference. East Lansing, MI. November 14-16, 2014.
“Portraits of the Artist as a Young (Mad)man: The Musical Biopic in Quebec.” American Council for Quebec Studies Conference. Montreal, Qc. October 16-18, 2014.  
“Constructing a Better Future: Truth and Reconciliation Tribunals in Science-Fiction Narratives II [Rochon].” Science Fiction Research Association/Wiscon Joint Conference. Madison, WI, May 22-24, 2014.
“‘Down with the terrestrial colonizers!’: The Proto-postcolonial SF of J.-H. Rosny, Aîné.” International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts 35: Fantastic Empires. Orlando Airport Marriott, March 19-23, 2014.
“The (Dying) Art of War: La Grande Illusion by Jean Renoir.” World War I Interdiscipinary Symposium. Central Michigan University. March 4, 2014.

Teaching Career

Central Michigan University (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)
2007 to 2011: Assistant Professor of French 
2011 to 2014​: Associate Professor of French
2014 ​to present​:  Professor of French

Anna Maria College (Paxton, Massachusetts)
1998 to 2007: Associate Professor of Modern Languages (tenured and promoted 2005)

University of Montevallo (Montevallo, Alabama)
1994-1998: Assistant Professor of French 

University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
1993-1994: Lecturer, Department of French & Italian 
1991-1992: Assistant Course Coordinator, First-Year French
1986-1992: Teaching Assistant, Department of French & Italian
1989: Global Campus Study Abroad Program Assistant, Montpellier France

Université Paul Valéry (Montpellier, France)
1990-1991: Lecturer in English, Centre d’Études Anglaises et Nord-américaines (taught English and American literature as well as practical studies in English language)​​