As a student in CMU's German program, you will acquire not only advanced language skills in the German language, but also encounter the deep and diverse German culture and history, connected with many other fields, such as music, philosophy, science and the world of business. Immerse yourself completely in German language and culture by studying in Berlin, L√ľneburg, or at one of 24 German universities with the Federation scholarship.

Program Highlights

  • Federation Scholarship: CMU German majors can win a full-ride scholarship to study in Germany for an entire year
  • Faculty-led Summer Program to Jena and Berlin
  • Personalized instruction and individual mentorship
  • Wide range of courses: all levels of language courses, accelerated German, German for business, Science and Technology in German literature, translation course

 Career Options

Germany's tradition of leadership in science, technology, and world-renowned contributions to the arts, as well as its close political and economic ties with the United States, generate a high demand for professionals with German language skills.

Computer Science & Engineering
International Business
Cultural Resource Management & Arts Administration
Foreign Service
International Management & Marketing