​FUBIS Berlin, Summer 2016

I absolutely loved my time there, I was living very close to a S-Bahn with three Germans who helped me see so much of what the city had to offer, more than I ever though I would in my time there. There was so much history everywhere, and there was always something new for me to see or do.

My first day in Berlin was on the gay-pride parade at the Brandenburger Tor, that was the first thing I got to see, and later I got a taste of Berlin’s night life and love for Techno Music.
I got to see most of the touristy sites and more, the Berlin Bunkers tour is something can recommend to anyone. But perhaps my most memorable moments of Berlin were walking along the wall or spending countless hours in one of the parks with some of the people I’ve got to meet here or with friends who visited me during my stay.

​I am really thankful for the opportunity that was given to me, and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about it and I plan be going back in November to visit.