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Learn ​Portuguese!

​Why? Because:
  • You want to learn more than you already know.
  • It is the 8th most spoken language of the world (spoken ​by 255 million people in Brazil, Portugal, Africa and Asia).
  • Job opportunities with BRAZIL – the 9th largest economy in the world. 
  • You want to take advantage of STUDY ABROAD option in BRAZIL and PORTUGAL to study, intern and travel in those countries. 

Spring 2019


Spring 2019 - Mon/Wed 5:00-6:15pm

Students with knowledge of Spanish, French and Italian welcome. 
​Questions? Please contact Dr. Kulawik: (989) 774 3536 or e-mail: k.kulawik@cmich.edu​

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Summer 2019 - Study Abroad in Brazil

Cross-Cultural Rhythms of Brazil
ENG 300 + SPN 310/FLN 397
May 12 - 30, 2019

For more information, contact Dr. Krystof Kulawik at (989) 774 3536 or k.kulawik@cmich.edu​.

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