Human Rights, Literature, the Arts, and Social Sciences International Conference

 Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
October 30-31, 2015

In addition to our continued emphasis on the rights of indigenous peoples, the Third International Conference on Human Rights, Literature, the Arts, and Social Sciences will focus on the following: health and human trafficking (modern-day slavery of women, men, and children, child soldiering, debt bondage, and forced marriag​es), paying attention to how human trafficking intersects with a wide range of other human rights topics. We hope to examine the nature, causes, and implications of human trafficking within local, national, and global contexts. What factors contribute to or enable human trafficking? What factors and policies—local, national, and global encourage or undermine combating the problem? What are the implications of human trafficking for health as a right?  What are the connections between health and human rights as well as the preservation of human dignity?  

The envisioned international conference will emphasize the role of literature (the Humanities), the Arts, Social Sciences and the Law in the discussion, representation, and promotion of human rights, giving special attention to the areas delineated. We wish to bring writers, artists, theorists, scholars, and lawyers into a series of conversations that engage the issue of human rights, including the ethical, politic​al, social, economic, and cultural implications of either violations or the constructions of human rights.   ​

​Panels & Plenary Se​ssions

Keynote Speaker
Barbara L. McQuade
U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan

Staged Reading & Discussion
Frybread Queen​​​

Closing Forum: Indigenous Women, Rights, and Security


Contact Information

​For more information, contact: 
Professor Maureen N. Eke, Department of English
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, 48859; email: <>


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Conference Convener

Dr. Maureen N. Eke, Professor, Department of English Language and Literature​