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Enduring Principles​

  1. ICHiP will build and sustain local, regional, and global partnerships to promote stewardship of cultural diversity and heritage for the Great Lakes Region.  ICHiP will serve as a catalyst to develop new partnerships in cultural resource management.

  2. ICHiP integrates interdisciplinary approaches to facilitate research and instruction in issues of legal compliance and ethics.

  3. ICHiP develops formal and informal educational and outreach programs that promote cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity in the region.

  4. ICHiP conducts heritage planning to promote sustainable activities that mitigate the impact of development on the unique environmental and cultural resources of the Great Lakes Region.

  5. ICHiP preserves the curates regional archeological data, research and historical archives to facilitate interdisciplinary research by the public and professionals and fosters the training of students.

  6. ICHiP provides managerial leadership in the area of culture resource management and coordinates the actions of public​ and private partners in cultural heritage preservation.

  7. ICHiP ensures that its projects comply with local, state and federal agency protocols and archaeological and historical site impact statements, preservation and stewardships.

  8. ICHiP promotes formal and informal educational and outreach programs on local and regional great lakes history and archaeology.