This 16-18 credit hour certificate is designed for undergraduate students who desire to gain greater competency in their understanding of the peoples and cultures of Latin America and Latino culture in the U.S. along with increased knowledge of historical contemporary issues relevant to Latin America and the Latino community in the U.S. 

16-18 hours chosen from the following:

Required Courses (12 hours):

HST 163 The Latin American Experience 3(3-0)
ANT 321 Cultures of Latin America 3(3-0)
GEO 373 Latin America 3(3-0)
PSC 348 Latin American Political Systems 3(3-0)

Electives (4-6 hours)

ANT 175 Archaeology of the Americas 3(3-0)
ANT 340 South American Archaeology 3(3-0)
ENG 333 Literature of Non-Western Cultures 3(3-0)
HST 261 Indigenous People of Latin America: Pre-contact to 1821 3(3-0)
HST 361 Religion in Colonial Latin America 3(3-0)
PSC 352 US-Latin American Relations 3(3-0)
SPN 377 Culture and Civilization of Latin America 3(3-0)


  • 6-8 credit hours of SPN at the 100 and 200 level may be included.  Retroactive credit WILL NOT be accepted.
  • An additional course dealing with US Latino and/or Chicano Culture and Literature (in English or Spanish) may be included with the permission of the advisor of the program.
  • Students pursuing this certificate may also complete 3 hours of independent readings or research in an appropriate discipline as an elective option with the approval of the advisor.
  • Courses selected for the certificate program must include a minimum of 9 hours at the 300-599 level.

Total:  16-18 Semester Hours


Nicole Sparling Barco; English; AN 301I; (989)774-7554;
Tracy Brown; Anthropology; AN 129; (989)774-4485;
Sergio Chavez; Anthropology; AN 118; (989)774-3656; 
David Jesuit; Political Science; AN 238; (989)774-2795;
Krystof Kulawik; World Languages; PE 322; (989)774-3536;
Roberto Mendoza-Farias; World Languages; PE 319: (989)774-6523;
Alejandra Rengifo;  World Languages; PE310; (989) 774-6513;
Jon Truitt; History; PO 157; (989)774-2668;